Business Analytics as a Service

Innovation in analytics technology goes fast. If you want to respond quickly to the market then you need to have the means to do so. Besides the normal business intelligence needs, there is an increasing need for a fast and flexible way to deal with your information: Data Discovery.

With the advent of Big Data technology, so called Data Discovery is within reach for everyone. Big Data technology, when used in the right way, provides unprecedented opportunities for internal and external information provisioning.

Sucaba together with our partner Incore Solutions is the expert in optimizing Big Data technology for Data Discovery and Business Intelligence. Through our proven approach and our continuous focus on the added value for the organization, it is possible to achieve Operational Excellence. These solutions can be provisioned within your organization as well as in the cloud, which brings ‘Business Analytics as a Service’ without the need for significant upfront investments in hardware and licensing and you can get started quickly!

Sucaba and Incore Solutions have four fixed price-fixed scope offerings to get you as an organization started to evaluate this exciting field.

BI Cloud Kickstart.pdf

Big Data Architecture.pdf

Big Data in Business.pdf

Data Visualization Kick Start Service.pdf